First you create the text *here*.

1. write the text in here


2. choose font-family by clicking and choosing from a list and change text size if necessary (it's important that the text isn't too big for your webpage)


3. choose the sparkling color and kind in first button (Glitzerauswahl).

you can add a frame, if you want. for frame click on "ja" below the "Rahmen" text, if you don't want one, click "nein".

to change the frame color click on "Rahmenfarbe" and choose.


4. the html code will appear with clicking "Code erzeugen - ..." you just have to copy it now, then go to your website, click + then < > Widget/HTML and paste the text into the blue window, which opens by clicking onto the new HTML element.


5. There's a detail. The sparkling text you have on your homepage then will be linked. to put that link away, you have to open the html window (the blue one) and then delete the first tag: <a href="link"> and the last one: </a>. as soon as you delete it, the text will be just text, no links no anything ;)


6. If you want the text to be linked with another webpage, just replace the link in the html window (<a href="link">) with any domain you like. Be sure you don't delete the "" they're important. Also pay attention to the link you're puttin in there. a normal www... won't be accepted here, don't forget the http://www...


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