Gifs with links & pics with URLs

As everything else, adding pictures with links is very simple. It works as adding linked gifs or sparkling text.

Adding a picture with only URL-code

To add a picture without saving it onto our computer, we need the < > Widget/HTML element again. But this time, you can't just copy the URL into the blue window, you have to type in:


<img src="           then paste the URL                 "/>


for adding a link, add this tag before the <img.../> tag:


<a href="           paste or type in link (http://...)         ">


and this one after it:




Ok, I have to admit that this tip includes basic knowledge of the computer language html, but that doesn't mean it's bad, does it?

For pictures from your own server, you can't use this tip. You can link fotos from your server right after or while uploading it in the same window.


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