Gif Paradise

I can only recomment You can choose between thousands of gifs there to make your webpage look... I don't know.... fancier. Although the page is on german, you'll find out where to find what soon.


For girly pages there's another great gif-page: glitter-graphics

It's very simple

Actually this works like adding sparkling text. First you choose a gif from *here*. I'm going to put up some instruction for learning how to put up gifs from other webpages and so on soon, but first let's do this.

Click on the pictures to take a closer look
Click on the pictures to take a closer look

If you found a gif you like (I chose a firework in this example) click it and copy the first URL into the < > Widget/HTML window.


Deleting the link or replacing it just works as in "Text & special Headings" explained.


Here's my gif, which is leading to "Home" on my webpage by clicking:


Header from:

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Website by: Jimdo

Website editing by: Lilly


thnx for your vistit n come back soon!! ღLilly :)

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