Your own Cursor

For adding a cursor, I recomment the page cursors 4 u. You can find lot's of different cursors there. Also a good page: jellymuffin. There are not so much cursors on it, but the animal ones are pretty realistic.

Get the cursor

First you choose one of the cursors of the webpage you visited to get a cursor. It works different from webpage to webpage, sometimes you have to click on the cursor to get the URL and sometimes it's already below, just copy it.


Then visit your webpage, log in and click on "Settings" (on the sidebar). You click on "edit head" next and paste the URL.


If you click "view" then (at the bottom right) you'll have your own cursor now.


If it didn't work, maybe the cursor URL is wrong or incompatible, the only thing you can do about that is looking for another cursor.


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