It's raining blood

but my flower grows

And when I've been falling, deeper and deeper, when I've been feeling the wind blowing through my arms, legs and in my face, I felt alive. I knew that I didn't want to jump, but I already did. Then I felt a sudden stop in the end of the fall. I closed my eyes and waited for pain, waited for the death, but it didn't come.


It didn't come.


I opened my eyes and couldn't even see the ground. So what else has stopped my fall? Then I noticed a rope, that was srapped arund my waist. It held me back.


I was safe.


I wished I could have hanged there forever, but they told me that they can't hold me forever, that I have to stand on my own feet. So I should climb up the rope or die.


They gave me power, what I should do with it was my decision.


So I started climbing.


I climbed and climbed until I was tired then I went on climbing. And when I arrived the other end of the rope, I was standing in a dark, cold world. I looked for the ones who braught me here, the people who were holding the rope while I was climbing.


And I found them.


They braught me to a cave, lot's of caves. They said just listen to your heart, where you want to go is your decision.


"Just be calm and carry on, some nights are hard, but it get's better, it's all alright. The stars will shine on your way. And if the stars stop shining like barlights shortly before dawn, we'll light a roman candle with you. Just take your time and guaranteed you'll be coming home."


So I did, and the light at the end of the cave mad me look forward. I went, I went and went until I saw light.


Lightening. Like in a storm.


It was shining and suddenly everything went dark.


Voices from far away, they sound familiar, but I don't know where I know them from. They're not saying, they're shouting, screaming, telling me the hard truth, but I hadn't come so far to give up at this point. They shouted at me:


In the end we'll all die, and all the people we helped and loved will just say "ha ha you're dead". Don't be waiting, there's no warning sign on people you shouldn't trust. Be the minority and have the time of your life, no one knows when it'll be over. Leave the people behind who think you're redundant. Go hitchin' a ride, get stuck with me and when I come around, just treat me like a Jesus of suburbia and I'll treat you like Maria. Spend the last night on earth like a holiday, praying to Saint Jimmy and rest your lazy bones. If you're about to get a drama queen, just walk away, leave it and dance to 8th avenue serenade. Enjoy sex, drugs & violence as long as it's not forbidden by such dirty rotten bastards. Stay the night and dance in the club. Let yourself go and kill the DJ, if he doesn't play good music. Those sweet sixteen are gone fast. Enjoy them! Enjoy every fucking minute! each caould be your last! Each could be the last one fucking minute! So just be a wild one, keep a stray heart and you'll know your enemy. You can't change nimrods, there will always be some dookies out there. Just don't be an american idiot and ignore them (except they say something wrong about Green Day, then go and shot them with 21 guns). But most important of all: CARPE DIEM!"


I'm living now. Are you proud of me? I hope you are, or I don't care, cause you taught me not to. This saved me from breaking.


Soft rope hold me back.


Just show me a paradise, an empty garden with only one flower. With a rose. With my rose and I'll live.


And even if it's raining blood, my flower will grow. My flower will grow...


I'll live. Hurt me, punish me, I'll live, cause you're here. Everytime I close my eyes I can see. I can see the important things.


I'll live. Just pour my flower with whatever you want, tears, blood, dirt... I'll live.


My flower will grow.


It will grow.



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